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Lately, I've been posting a lot of Orphan Black and Orange Is the New Black, because they've been ruining my life. I also post a lot of Buffy, cute animals, and activism/feminism posts.

Oh yeah, and I like to write stuff and also things.



I love when cats decide they love something.

That is a very patient bunny.

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just expressing my anger

you forgot the most important one of all



my four favourite twd ladies x

My skin has turned..

to porcelain..

to ivory..

to steel~


God bless old people on the Internet. 

Taylor Swift arriving at the gym in New York on July 18th


[sprays u with water] no, bad opinion 


updated for SDCC 2014

i really need to start a pull list at the local comic book shop because i just realized i’m two issues behind on saga. this is not okay


meanwhile at comic con



Nothing is off the table. At some point, there is a definite chance that we may see that. There’s a "twist" to Beth’s story that we look forward showing it.
OB creators (Will we ever see a Beth flashback?) SDCC panel (via 324b21-clone)


Tomorrow morning July 26~July 27 from 10:00am to 8:00pm is the Gravity Falls Mystery Manual marathon. Every episode and short on Disney XD. Will you be watching? It’s a good chance to have a rewatch in case you need a refresher for season 2 (less than a week away!). Plus our hope is that the SDCC trailer will play during episodes. Crossing our fingers.


can I follow some orphan black blogs? reblog, yeah?

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Saturday, July 26   (watch live)

2pm San Diego / SF / LA time

5pm New York / Toronto time